Borrow Shop: Use Our Stuff!

We are in the process of setting up a Borrow Shop for South Yorkshire. It will be an affordable equipment borrowing scheme for artists, facilitators, community groups and cultural organisations across the region.

Over the years we have collected all kinds of equipment, suitable for making arts activities and events happen in public and community spaces. From technical things like lights and speakers, to workshop equipment like printing rollers and den-building kits, to gazebos, games, costumes, props, and more. A lot of this equipment sits in storage most of the year, when we’re not using it. This is a waste.

At the same time, we know storage is challenging for arts organisations and community groups, and funding is always challenging for all of us. Lots of us buying the same things new and storing them, or worse – buying and discarding – is also detrimental for the planet.

We hope the Borrow Shop scheme will promote and support a more circular economy for South Yorkshire, while also supporting people who may not be able to afford traditional hire or purchase to be able to host arts activities or events, and supporting more arts organisations to host activities out and about, for and with their communities.

At the moment the Borrow Shop is a closed pilot scheme, working with selected individuals and organisations to help us get it right. Soon we’ll be launching it for everyone – watch this space!

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