Winn Gardens Partnership

Through an open call, we commissioned artist Lucy Marriott to lead a series of creative workshops with residents living on Winn Gardens estate which involved getting creative with food waste. We hosted community meals using surplus food, learned how to print and dye using food skins and waste to make colours, and even co-built some community planters which are now permanently displayed outside the Community Room.

The project culminated in a Community Day, where 250 local people made pizzas, decorated plant pots, planted seeds, and learned how to save money on their energy bills. The day also saw the official launch of the community fridge, which is now pride of place in the Community Room for all to share and use.

The community fridge is now managed by local volunteers, and has its official opening on the first Wednesday of every month. On its first opening day it redistributed food donated by the Coop to 35 adults and 45 children.

This project was made possible thanks to funding from Hubbub and the Local Storytelling Exchange, and support from Coop.

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