A money-saving food scheme for Winn Gardens

RivelinCo staff help local residents paint pots and plant herbs

The following is from an article in the Sheffield Star by Chloe Aslett, about our Winn Gardens Community Fridge project with residents.

The residents of Winn Gardens, an estate in the north of Hillsborough, will be able to reduce waste and save money following the launch of a new community fridge this weekend. It is open to anyone to share food, including local businesses, producers, households, gardens, and supermarkets, which locals can then take for free.

On Saturday, September 30, over 250 locals attended the free launch day in Middlewood Park, including MP Gill Furniss and councillor Toby Mallinson, with pottery painting and pizza making led by arts centre RivelinCo.

Suzanne Morton, who leads the Winn Gardens Residents’ Association and coordinates the local food bank, said: “Winn Gardens has a bad name across the city but actually it’s a fantastic community. It’s so nice to see the people from all the different cultures we have on the estate come out to days like this and mix together, it really creates community cohesion. Once we get word out about the community fridge I think people will be eager to get involved in it, to save money and avoid wasting food.”

Residents and local volunteers are now exploring the possibility of a community garden, which can provide fresh produce to the fridge. Morton added: “We’ve already got residents really excited about the prospect of the community garden. It will be massive for residents. This estate loves its food, and the garden will help people to share and learn about their different cultures.”

At the launch event, residents were joined by volunteers from Leeds estate, who themselves transformed an unused part of their estate into Seacroft Forest Garden. MP Gill Furniss said: “I think a community garden on Winn Gardens would be fantastic. Getting people to grow their own food, to be involved in the process and share that with their neighbours is a wonderful idea. Events like this are so important for creating a cohesive community, who can come together to tackle the everyday problems they face.”

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